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Musical theater at 6. Playing in bands at 14.

Play synth, guitar, bass, drums. Programming. Producing. Singing. Always singing.

Did the Hollywood thing just as the old music industry began to question itself at the dawn of the Mp3 Age.

Toured with The Mimsies for a decade (scroll down).

Main Stage at Warped Tour, Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, press in NYT and coast-to-coast media.

Signed to Sound City. Worked for Capitol Records Studios, EMI, NARIP, LAMN.

Worked with, played with, and learned from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Jac Holzman, Ron Fair, Pharrell Williams.

UCLA-certified in the old art of Music Business, which doesn't count anymore. Thank God. It's a much more democratic game now because of apps like and SoundCloud.



With Paul Szabó (Liar Script | Wreckless)

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Lyrics | Vocals | Drums | Percussion | Synths | Recording | Production : Casey Castille | Additional Lyrics by Dennis Gwinn

Video shot and edited by Casey Castille

'It's a Mistake' originally composed and recorded by Colin Hay/Men at Work, 1982.

Cover arranged by Casey Castille, 2022. Performed, recorded, shot and edited by Casey Castille with Paul Szabó.

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With James Levis (In Letter Form | Strange Cities)

Lyrics | Vocals | Bass on Defenestration : Casey Castille

Principal Photography by Jay Adams | Additional Photography Casey Castille | Edited by Casey Castille
Featuring Anne Garrity as young Casey

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Synths | Backing Vocals : Casey Castille

Video shot and edited by Casey Castille

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Lyrics | Vocals : Casey Castille

Warped Tour, Dallas, 2001
Warped Tour, The Gorge, 2002
Warped Tour, Ventura, 2002
Warped Tour with Troma Films, Somewhere in America, 2003
Three Years on Warped Tour
California Institute of The Abnormal Arts, 2002
With Tyson Meade of Chainsaw Kittens, 1998
First Date at The Troub, 2001
At Sundance Film Festival, 2002
A Good Ol' '90's Crowd, OKC, 1998
Reunion Show, 2010, OKC
Farewell Oklahoma Show, 1999
Making the 'Dirty' Video, Hollywood, 2001
With Nikki Sixx, 2001
Recording at Can-Am, 2001
The Original Lineup, 1994
Crowdsurfing, circa 1997
The First Demo, 1995
On Tour in Montreal, 2002
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